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Males what females you like

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    males .... what females you like

    well what females you like :
    the smart ones or beautiful or sexy or Bla or.....etc.

    for me i like bla females because i make them angry quickly ... i like that
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    Not sure what bla females are? As far as liking someone for a long term, I have a bit of a complex. As long as girl doesn't make often "stupid" comments, meaning she's talking such falsities as religion and astrology, she doesn't have to be smart. Often I have spoken that I don't need a women who is intelligent, as I am. But if she is mentioning things that get on my nerves, well that's bad.

    My ideal women would perhaps NOT be overly intelligent. Or better yet intelligent but not intellectual, meaning she doesn't pursue the full usage of her intelligence, and yet it's there if needed.

    Oh, blonde with nice round breasts and a tight cute ass and glorious blue eyes are additionally pleasing qualities.
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    well what i ment by bla is a woman always shoping alwyas want to go out alwyas wnat to go parties ... want to do every thing in this life and doesn't care of anything else like science

    well here you can find a lot of these women
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    I think I actually like all types of women. Seriously, I have lusted after every type of woman you can think of... short, tall, fat, skinny, young, old, black, white. I guess when you get right down to it, there is something sexually appealing about every type of woman.

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    So, would you recognize in a woman you lust for the use of her intelligence to manipulate you ?
    Would you, perhaps, recognize it but allow it anyway because you do lust for her?
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    Geez, how I would hate to be categorised as a "bla" woman.
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    I think this is sort of....brutish?
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