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Mammoth grave yards

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    Last week certainly a spectacular discovery was done in Serbia, a mammoth grave yard.

    However worlds first mammoth grave yard? Maybe that's not the case.....


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    I question the use of the term "grave yard" if they just happened to all be in the same place and died at the same time. While the application of the the English language phrase is literally correct, I think "grave yard" is a term used more specifically, for example, to describe areas where elephants (specifically) go when they know they are dying and thus there are large numbers of remains all in the same place.

    I vaguely recall reading of other areas where smaller numbers of mammoth remains (possibly much smaller) have been found, but I have no idea whether mammoths exhibited the same behavior as elephants in terms of creating their own "grave yards" but in any case this is clearly not such a case.
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    The elephant grave yards are an 'rural' legend. It's not so.

    Other mammoth graveyards,

    "Mammoth hot springs" SD

    Rancho La Brea LA

    There are more
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