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Mammoth show

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    I'm not sure if "biology" also goes for extinct animals like the Wooly Mammoth. But anyway.

    For those who happen to be around France sometime this summer:

    Don't worry. Look at the pics only
    We translated the page:

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    Now, who is that Dick Mol?

    He is the driving force behind the recovery of the Jarkov Mammoth mentioned in the article:

    http://www4.nau.edu/amqua/v29n2/jarkov_mammoth.htm [Broken]

    If you want to meet him and happen to be in The Netherlands in Amsterdam or so, Tomorrow, Saturday 13 March, then go to the "Buitenhaven" in Stellingdam around 10,00 - 10.30 hrs local time, he plans to arrive with the fishing boat GO-33 after a week of hunting for paleaonthologic remains (Mammoths tusk etc) in the Euro geul in the North sea.

    I'm sure he is happy to show you his latest catch
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    Thank you Andre :)
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    Wonderful information Andre, thanks!
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    pretty cool, thanks
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    If you can't make it to France, see the exhibit about the strabge race of pygmy mammoths that used to inhabit Santa Rosa Island off the coast of California, near Santa Barbara:

    Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
    Address:http://www.sbnature.org/exhibits/geopaleo/ [Broken]
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