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Man Jailed for Trying to Pass $1 Million Bill

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    Apparently, this isn't the first time someone tried to use a $1M bill:
    (See also: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/fakemillion1.html )

    (But that's small change:
    Check out http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/0315062billion1.html which has pictures of a $1B bill. )
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    D H

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    Since there is no such thing as a million dollar note, is this person guilty of counterfeiting? The article doesn't say what crime is he charged with.
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    The biggest 'real' note that I've seen was a (US) 5K, but if I remember right, the Feds at one time made, up to, a 'real' 100K note (for internal banking uses)
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    Almost related, I own one of these 10 billion dinar notes.


    It's not counterfeit. I asked a friend of mine to pick one up while he was in Serbia, and he did so. He told me that when he put it away for me, it was the price of a newspaper, but by the time he got on the flight back it was totally worthless.
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    It looks like Tesla
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    Go to the front of the class. He's a national hero over there. On the back of the note is depicted an electric discharge through some gizmo of his. Unfortunately I don't know what it is. Here is an image something like it, but not exactly the same.

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    I seem to remember a case like this - someone printed $3 notes and since there weren't any $3 notes in circulation he couldn't be charged with counterfeiting. I think he was careful not to put the real treasurer's signatue on them.
    The US does (did?) have $2 notes but they were rare so were great fun to pass off to confused cashiers.
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    that 'thing' in the middle was his 'free' electric tower in Wycliff(?)--I haven't read any Tesla stuff in about twenty years--the one in the back on the left was that 'superimposed' photo of him under that big coil in Colorado (I think)
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    I don't know if its true, but I read that getting the $2 bills into circulation were an 'earmark' for the racetracks way back when
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    I once had a $2 bill with red ink (where silver certificates would have blue for serial numbers and some of the printing). It was a gift from my grandfather.

    My parents made me deposit it in the bank. :frown: Today it would be a collectors item.

    I do have a modern $2 bill, which I got at a store last week. Commercial people still don't like them.

    I saw a large denomination ($100 K?) bill one time at some show. It was in a large glass block, fastened in a heavy frame, and was guarded.
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    The $2 bills weren't printed for many years then re-launched for the 1976 centenary ( $2=200cents) because most people kept them as collectors instead of using them you don't seen many.
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    When I was a kid, I used to do handy-work for an older guy, and one time he paid me with a $10 gold certificate that was oversized compared to the standard currency. I put that in my father's strongbox, and it was broken into and the bill was stolen along with a couple of Marshmallow Fluff jars full of silver coins culled from my paper route. We know who did the break-in, but had no proof. I'm sure my bill and coins were spent for cigarettes and beer at face-value.
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    There is actually a set of 100 REAL 10 thousand dollar bills at a museum. I think that the 10k is the biggest bill available to the population.
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