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Man made elements

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    Anyone have a list of man made (replicated) elements?
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    I looked at those but what about fusion in the tokamak? Is it creating helium when hydrogen collisions occur?
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    Helium, even though it can be "made by man" would not be considered a "man made element" since it exists in nature.
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    Maybe a better title to my post would be "How many natural elements have been made by man..." and is there a list?
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    I think the answer to that is all of them. If you look at an isotope chart, all elements have unstable isotopes, that could only have been made in a lab.
    researchers have basically shot everything at everything. In particular radiation with neutrons and subsequent beta decay will get you nearly everything
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    Meaning, natural elements have been created? What natural elements have been created by combining other elements(not by a star or exploding star)?
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    Like willem2 said, all of them.
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