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Man sues cable company becuase his wife's fat, kids lazy, and he smokes/drinks.

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    http://www.wisinfo.com/thereporter/news/archive/local_14044768.shtml [Broken]

    "Timothy Dumouchel of West Bend wants $5,000 or three computers, and a lifetime supply of free Internet service from Charter Communications to settle what he says will be a small claims suit."

    "“I believe that the reason I smoke and drink every day and my wife is overweight is because we watched TV every day for the last four years,” Dumouchel stated in a written complaint against the company, included in a Fond du Lac police report."
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    Can there be a question in anyones mind that if there "were" intelligent life forms elsewhere in the Universe, why they would choose "not" to contact us?
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    classic case of one pawning responsibility of their actions (or lack of them) on someone else...
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    I've got an idea...better than tort reform...if you file a complete nonsense suit, you pay the lawyers fees for both sides.
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    In my world, I'd create camps for people like this. These camps would house those deemed unfit for society, and they would be worked to the brink of death to create for the rest of us that aren't so worthless.
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    I've always wanted to sue people that filed frivolous lawsuits. :wink:
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    You just want a handout.
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    I'd be fine with just executing them too, but you wouldn't support that :)
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    See, I think just bankrupting folks is a good idea...it would keep them from filing stupid threads.
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    Is this a freudian slip? do you really wish I didn't have the money to get online or own a computer?

    Besides, doesn't poverty end up as crime eventually? Kill them, or to the camps!!!u
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    Yeah, a lifetime of free internet should do wonders to help them to not be a bunch of fat, lazy, alcohol guzzling, smokers.

    When this guy was born the doctor should have slapped his mother.
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    Re: Re: Man sues cable company becuase his wife's fat, kids lazy, and he smokes/drinks.

    Think of it as methadone for the heroin addict. At least with the internet he has to move his wrist and one finger. With TV, you just use your thumb on the remote. The internet is much better exercise!

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    I hate to say it, but it's stupid stories like this that make other countries think americans are fat and lazy- or at least it fuels the fire.

    This story is a sad commentary
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    Just goes to show hpw...

    litigious this country has become. I mean its gotten so law suits can be the most senseless malarkey imaginable but if you get to court and get the right kind of jury you actually can get monetary damages. Like when that woman got that award for scalding herself with a cup of McDonalds coffee. Duh, she must not have felt the heat radiating from the cup. She must have thought freshly brewed coffee comes iced.
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    The problem is, in America, you can pretty much sue anybody for any lame reason, and you'd probably win!
  17. Jan 9, 2004 #16
    The adage "This is everyone's fault but mine" seems to come to mind. These people should get a job instead of tying up the judicial system.
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