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Man supposedly cured of AIDS

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    that is excellent news. i hope this will lead to more effective treatment, cure, etc.

    check out this excerpt from "Department of Defense Appropriations 1970":
    etc :eek:
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    I would have been more hopeful if the person in the OP had "recovered" after undergoing some experimental line of treatment.
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    read this story and that he works making sandwiches.

    i donno how this sits with those who buy those sandwiches but who cares :biggrin:

    I want less press and more lab tests
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    Well, if there's something unique about his immune system that helped him fight it off successfully, then I'd be just as happy if they can find out what it is and learn how to take advantage of that, or induce the same thing in someone else. It might help develop a new treatment to understand why he's "special." Of course that would also be easier if there was more than one person to study, but sometimes you have to start with just one and wait for more to come along.
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    Sorry .
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    Saw that one coming. Stupid doctors. Stupid media.
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    I'm going to attempt to merge this thread with the one already started in Biology on this topic so we have all the information in one place.
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    he might have been a false positive to the HIV test...
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    Yes, that's what happened, see posts above.
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    ups!!!sorry,i missed it!bad start as i see(that was my first message) :tongue:
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