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Man 'surviving on sun, liquids'

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    What do you all think about this? Pretty strange!

    http://www.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,4057,6674628 [Broken]^13762,00.html
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    Greg! Yeah I've heard about this. Not many doing it. There are also B REATHAIRIANS who live on trace elements in the air.......

    I suppose anything is possible... takes a bit of focus and a lot of luck... luck, that is, that entails finding a planet as diverse and abundant as this... or a universe of similar qualities!
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    Whats more is I heard about the sun/liquid carnivors who live in Peru and Central America... they'll sit in the sun... activating the Vit D that naturally occurs in the skin and the liquids of course can hold any number of nutrients... these people don't move much... they are conserveing energy......that 3way...... cheers.....
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Really hard to believe. I would think that a relatively simple energy calculation could prove or disprove the feasibility...unless of course we absorb hidden energy that we cannot calculate presently. But, if this guy can continue to not eat for much longer, then surely something strange is afoot.
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    Not sure I can belive this one either.
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    Ever heard of Intraveinus feeding?

    There's no way in heaven you're stuffing a potato salad down an intraveinus tube into your capillaries.
    Its all LIQUID........ now...... just open the blinds a bit... and whallah...

    Sun and Liquid diet.
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    Re: Re: Man 'surviving on sun, liquids'

    you're probably refering to .... Dark Energy
    I guess this guy solves some astrophysical problems......guess that's why NASA is studying the case
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