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Management Info Systems?

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    I am attending a community college, and after this semester I will be done with my associates. However as of right now, my interest towards which subject I should major into has changed after reading more and more about other varieties of business oriented work. Accounting or Finance was my first option to major into. Accounting work isn't so bad in my community college classes, and I thought it will lead me to a pretty stable career after graduation; especially in our falling economy.
    While applying for Rutgers and NJIT,I couldn't help but search and learn about their "Management info systems" program. I liked all the info i collected, since I do acquire a curious side to technology...i have always wanted to learn more about programming, and computer softwares. Business and Technology are both combined within this major and according to B labor of statistics, careers after graduating from such study will increase by 20% through 2018.

    what do you guys think, i was wondering what i should do? reside within accounting and be safe? or major in MIS and see where my feet takes me? It's a bother deciding my whole life based on one little decision i make in my college career. I appreciate all your answers.

    A concerned college student.
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    MIS isn't a technology degree. It's a management degree. You aren't going to learn very much about computer programming. Rather the MIS people are the people that decide what computer programs to buy.

    One thing that is more important in management-type degrees is the quality of the college's career services. It might be a good idea to talk to alumni to see what they think.

    I don't think that your decision is going to make that much of a difference in the long run.

    Most of big things that impact your life are outside of your control anyway. If the economy is good, then you'll get a job easily no matter what you do, and if the economy is bad, then you are going to have a hard time regardless of what major you take.
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    In the current economy everything is a roll of the dice, and will probably remain so for years to come. You can only control your choices, not your destiny. Lead with your heart, not your mind. You will be more satisfied.
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    hmm yeah good point, i will pay my alumni a visit and ask. and that's right...economy does set the rules for most of our actions. If i percieve any bad reputations towards my degree of study...i will most likely go back to accounting like i aimed for at first.

    Thanks for your help
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    Why not do both? Accounting major with MIS minor should be very employable. Also, I wouldn't worry too much about the economy. Not much you can do about it....and things will probably change by the time you graduate
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    but having a minor like MIS, wouldn't that mean 2 extra years of school AND debt? especially because i would think that MIS classes don't run congruent with any of accounting or finance classes...i have to find out when i get enrolled...maybe everything will change. and yeah i will probably graduate in 2016 because i won't stop at bachelors.
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    MIS is usually offered in Schools of business so a lot of the prerequisites overlap with finance. It should not add more time to your graduation timeline. I know people who have done it. Check with your schools advisors
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