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I am sure the same goes for you lot, I am fascinated by the complex patterns of fractals and recently found out it is generated by extremely simple algorithms (which takes weeks to run).

What do I actually need run some algorithms that generates fractals?

jim mcnamara

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"Which takes weeks to run"? What vintage computer are you running these things on?

Many years ago, I wrote a program to draw Mandlebrot's set (and the Julia sets). I would start it running and go to class. When I got back about an hour later, it would be almost finished! Now exactly the same program take a few seconds.

Julia sets, Jc, are those starting points (thought of as complex numbers: (x,y)= x+ iy= z), z0, for which the sequence zn+1= zn2+ c converges.
The Mandlebrot set, sort of an "index" to Julia sets, are those c values for which zn+1= zn2+ c, with z0= 0, converges.

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