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B Manifold duplication

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    What's the mathematical expression for manifold duplication in Many Worlds? In other words, how do the manifolds duplicate themselves endlessly?
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    My guess is branching, but it's a guess.
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    What do you mean by "manifold duplication"? AFAIK there is no such thing in the MWI.
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    Everytime you created quantum choices like in the double slit experiment. The world is duplicated (left and right particle hit) in MWI. So at start there was one manifold. After the double slit experiment done, there are two manifolds. If it's not called Manifold Duplication. How are the spacetime in each world created? And why would Manifold Duplication be a bad choice of words?
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    That is not at all what the MWI says. It's easy to misunderstand it the way you have when you hear things like "splits into two worlds" but that comes from people trying to use ordinary English words instead of the underlying math.
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