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Manufacture a differential

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    i have a project at college in which we have to manufacture a differential.
    We have decided to eliminate the crown and drive pinion (from engine) and replaced by a simple chain mechanism for ease for manufacture.
    However, there are 4 more gears (one each for the half-shaft, and two planetary gears) to make. i was wondering if someone could advice me about their type (e.g hellical, bevel etc, simpler the better), ratios of each, and other such info...

    thanks in advance!
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    Re: Differential

    The gears are bevel gears that usually have a helical tooth spiral (but not always). As far as the ratios that is going to be dependent on each application. What ratio do you need for your application? What kind of power do you need to transmit through them? These are all questions you need to specify to understand your particular design problem.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Differential_(mechanical_device [Broken])
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