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Manufacturing processes

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    Cold working processes:

    Below the recrystallization temperature if the mechanical work is done on the metals , there will no grain growth but it must be grain this integration elongation , the process is known is cold working processes. In cold working process greator pressure is required than that required in hot working. As the metal is in a more rigid state. It is not permanently deform until stress exceeds the elastic limit. Most of the cold processes are performed at room temperature , the different cold working processes are

    1: Drawing

    · Wire drawing

    · Tube drawing

    · Blanking

    · Spinning

    2: Sequeezing

    · Coining

    · Sizing

    · Riveting

    3: Bending

    · Angle bending

    · Plate bending

    · Roll forming

    4: Shearing

    >Punching >Blanking

    > Trimming > Perforating

    >Notching >Launcing


    for more details please click here
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