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Many Classical Mechanics Books?

  1. Jul 14, 2016 #1
    In the market, it has many many physics books teaching classical mechanics. Do you read one book only or a number of books? How do you make a choice?
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    I think self-students will check two or more whereas students taking a formal class will rely on one unless the topic isntt well explained.

    When I took it, my prof used Marions book but some students in the class recommended Goldstein and so we used both when doing the problems.
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    I am self-study and I bought a book from Landau. Well, it is difficult to understand.
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    What level of physics and math (which textbooks?) have you studied already? Landau is usually considered to be graduate school level (masters / PhD).
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    I think it should be undergraduate level.
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    When I choose the books I am going to study from, I check out the books that have the best reviews in amazon and goodreads and I also check out their price.
    When I narrow down my options, I then ask around(maybe reviews suffice and I sometimes don't need to ask around) to find out which books explain stuff intuitively and which books re more mathematical.
    Then, I buy one that explains concepts well and one that is at a slightly higher mathematical level than the course that I will enroll in so I am always challenged.
    This, I think, is a nice strategy for self-study too.

    Also, sometimes I don't buy the books but I borrow then from my University library. For example, for my upcoming classical mechanics course I bought Morin's books and I will be borrowing Taylor's and Goldstein's books.
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