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Many of you have a title

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    A while back, after looking at several names and avaters, I noticed that many of you have a title below theire nicknames and above theire avaters.
    Could someone please tell me how I can get one too?

    I thank you in advance,

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    Under user cp, edit profile, and the custom user text is your title/byline.
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    My profile page does not have a 'customer user text'. Do you have to be real 'special':wink: for this to show up? (Hey! I'm so DANG special I should be entered in the Special Olympics! Maybe BRONZED, too! But that could prove painful. NEVER MIND THE BRONZING!)
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    I think you need to get 100 posts first.
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    Ah! Well, so much for being so DANG SPECIAL then, huh? RATS!! C'mon, fingers. Let's get to typing!!!
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    Re: Title

    As Lonewolf said, you need 100 posts to set your custom title.

    PF Advisor, PF Mentor, and Administrator are reserved titles.

    The administrator (Greg) runs the website.

    The mentors and advisors are volunteers who help Greg keep everything running smoothly. The Mentors moderate the individual forums.
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    Oops almost forgot, but CosmicCatalyst told us to tell Greg that we came from mkaku.org :wink:

    And how do you get to be a mentor?
    Do I also have a chance on becoming one?
  9. Sep 6, 2003 #8
    Welcome Welcome! Anyone has a chance to become a mentor. Alot of factors go into choosing a mentor, so I couldn't just write down what you'd need to do. Just enjoy the forums and have a good time! :smile:
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