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Homework Help: Many organic related

  1. Jul 22, 2008 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    1)[tex](CH_3)_3CCH(OH)CH_3[/tex]+ HBr ->

    [hide=My View]I believe reaction should be elimination because [tex]Br^ -[/tex] is a weaker nucleophile than [tex]OH^ -[/tex] so it cannot substitute it.[/hide]

    2)[tex]CH_3CH_2CHBrCH_3[/tex] + [tex]EtO^ -[/tex]->


    3) Compare the nucleophilicity of[tex]NH_3[/tex] and [tex]PH_3[/tex]

    [hide][tex]NH_3[/tex] has more [tex]e^ -[/tex] density so [tex]NH_3 > PH_3[/tex][/hide]

    Will the following reactions be primarily substitution or elimination?

    [tex]CH_3CH(Br)CH_3 + OH^ - (H_2O) - >[/tex]

    [hide][tex]OH^ -[/tex]is stabilized in water so cant go Sn2,it can go Sn1 though and maybe some elimination.[/hide]

    [tex]CH_3CH(Br)CH_3 + OH^ - (Ethanol) - >[/tex]

    [hide]Isnt this case almost the same as above?[/hide]
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