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Homework Help: Many Solenoid Questions

  1. Feb 15, 2008 #1
    I know this isnt a homework related question but I felt these were simple enough questions where as I didnt need to flood the other forums.

    My situation is as such...I need to create a solenoid that can push a metal slug hard enough to move a very small ball. I know that solenoids are essentially tightly turned coils with a flow going through the coil and depending on which way the current flows will control which direction the slug will move. I also know you can potentially melt the coils if they have to much power for too long. Besides this I know absouletly nothing else about solenoids despite having googled a ton, I simply need better explanations of the equations and what I need is something such as...

    I know the diameter and weight of the ball as well as what velocity I need the ball to move at....what size must the slug and coil be to achieve this? Additionally I need will need to know what electrical current is required to achieve this result.

    Example: (extreme situation)

    Say I have a ball that weighs 0.003201(Kg) and has a diameter of 0.017323(m) and I need it to move 300 ft/sec. How would I go about achieveing the coil/slug length (assuming the slug is slightly bigger than the ball from a diameter stand point) and what kind of electrical current is needed to achieve this?

    I hope this wasnt too confusing, I aint great with words, thanks a bunch

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