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Many universes like there are solar systems in a galaxy

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    If there were many universes like there are solar systems in a galaxy and like there are many galaxies in the universe, What would you call it?
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    Universe 2 the return
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    Re: universes

    A term already coined for this is "multi-verse".
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    Re: Re: universes

    Actually, I think Multiverse is being used specifically as the term that describes the different Universes produced by Schrodinger's Cat effect.

    As far as there being may Universes, much like there are many solar systems, galaxies, etc... I say it's not possible, since "Universe" means "everything" or "all that exists", and you can't have more than one of those.
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    Re: Re: Re: universes


    Mentat, I like your point that "Universe" means "everything" and I would like to base my suggestion on ethymology. "Universe", IMHO, originates from poetry "one verset". Posing that the vicinity, we know, is one of many, I would suggest "Environs" (plural form of vicinity). Score it please.

    Oh! What is Schrodinger's Cat effect?
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    I'd say that if the same physics laws work there, it's still our universe. I'd define another universe as one where the same laws do not work.

    And I'd call it the parauniverse... :):)
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    But what defines a universe? How can we define the universe limits?
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    a universe is, in essence, the largest system you can have that can still be closed. any event that happens in "another universe" can, by definition, have no obsevable effect in this one, otherwise what is to stop us from considering it a part of our universe?
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