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Many Worlds and Many Minds

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    Anyone know anything about creating artificial consciousness through the blueprints of people's consciousness, thus creating an artificial society. Through this you can predict how people will interact in an environment through social simulations and manipulate them.

    Through quantum computers, I believe that the theory of many worlds would be computed by evolutionary algorithms to predict the most likely reality and by changing variables you can manipulate reality itself.
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    I don't think Many Minds/MWI, has much to do with practical theory atm outside of the hypothetical. So to give an answer would mean assuming that MWI is correct. Which is a bit of a stretch for your average (Copenhagen Interpretation) CI advocate. That said, I suppose in "theory", given that the quantum computer is modelled on a MWI then it ought to be perfectly possible to create an AI type environment in the computer, based on the same idea as MWI by modelling just such a reality.

    That said though I doubt you'd get much interest in funding such a project as it's all a bit arm wavey methinks atm. I have read some interesting stuff about reality being a computer simulation, which was quite plausible in a self contained sort of way if not slightly bizarre. So for all we know we're already living in just such a Universe, modelled by just such a race of people. Anyone seen The Matrix. :wink: :smile:
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    This thread is way over-speculative. This has nothing to do anymore with quantum theory.
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