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Many Worlds based on the observer effect

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    I understand that some people believe in the many worlds interpretation because of the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics but couldn't another many worlds exist under the observer effect. I'll give a thought experiment using the double slit.

    When bob measures the measures electrons at the slits he collapses the wave and sees the electrons behave as particles through at the slit.

    If Alice is completely unaware and non-interacting with bob and his measuring equipment(As not even matter is transmitted between the two). She simply observes the electrons when they hit the back measuring panel see will see the electrons behaving as a wave.

    Wouldn't these two observations contradict each other, and allow for two universes to exist depending on where you standing. I know they could ask each other later, but what if they never did, then there is no way for Alice to even hope for measuring the electrons at the slits. She will simply observed a different reality.
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