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Many World's Interpretation

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    According to the Many Worlds Interpretation the universe supposedly splits off into two realities when a quantum event has more than one possible outcome(Schrodinger's cat for example). One in which Schrodinger will find his cat dead, and another in which his cat lives. But what happens for the original universe? What I mean is: How does the MW approach affect what Schrodinger sees in the original universe? Is the cat's state affected somehow by the states of the two universes' (sort of like waves interfering I guess), or is the original universe simply one of the possible states and only one (not two) extra universes is actually created and the state of the cat in the extra universe is simply the opposite of it's state in the original.
    Thank you in advance I'm kinda new here but I do realize everything above is based on theory and can easily be proven wrong. (I actually kinda prefer the Copenhagen Interpretation myself)
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    I'm not sure it's reasonable to talk about the original universe. Why should one of them be original? If I were to take, say, a colony of bacteria and split it in half, which is the original colony? (bad analogy, but you get the idea)
    I would say they are both equivalently original.

    Me too.
    but if it could be easily proven wrong it wouldn't be a theory :wink:
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