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Many Worlds?

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    Earlier today, I saw a show that had the smartest man in America with an IQ of 195 who is working on a Cognitive - Theoretic Model of the Universe. He attacks the MWI with:

    What do Many-Worlders think about a statement such as this coming from an intelligent person?
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    I think that this proves the limitations of IQ tests.
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    What Show? What Man?
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    Christopher Langan. Apparently he was on the NBC gameshow "1 vs. 100". His "cognitive-theoretic" model seems to be nebulous metaphysics--see here for a description. And his objection to the many-worlds interpretation above is likewise metaphysical--he's saying it doesn't explain where the laws themselves come from (neither does any other theory of physics).
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    I very much doubt that someone with a title "the smartest man in ..." is anywhere near as smart as he claims to be.
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    From: http://www.testcafe.com/iqtest/ [Broken]

    Your general IQ score is 164.

    A person whose IQ score falls in the range of 161 and above is considered to be a "genius".
    An IQ is a composite of your scores across 12 distinct aspects of intelligence. Each person has a unique intellectual make-up, with strengths and weaknesses that affect their methods of understanding, recognition, communication and association. Using a carefully cross-reference scoring scheme, TestCafe is able to accumulate a profound quantity of information about your natural intellectual abilities."

    So I guess I'm not as smart as Chris Langan. Oh well.
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    Don't fret, I'm not either. You know, its funny how people with nongenius IQs end up making all of the discoveries that benefit mankind, but high IQ people spend their time solving puzzles and trying to create funding on high IQ societies like his own. See his video on YouTube to see crackpottery in action.
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