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Maple Maple gives plot inconsistent with equation

  1. Mar 18, 2012 #1

    OK, its night, I've been in front of this computer for eight hours and am slowly but surely going insane, not least because of the latest in a series of issues in what, I was hoping, would be a straightforward calculation.

    So here it goes:

    Basically I'm using Maple to conduct what would otherwise be a rather lengthy and not at all pretty calculation. This is supposed to end with determining the imaginary part of the resulting function which will, providing all goes well, be equal to 0. And, using simplify(evalc(Im(f(t))), where f(t) is the function I have spent the weekend finding, this is indeed the case. HOWEVER, when I now go to plot the imaginary part using plot(Im(f(t))), I get a graph that looks like an ekg during a cardiac arrest (that is to say it isn't showing anything that lokes like a function that equals zero).

    So now the obvious question: WHY?

    Also its probably worth mentioning that in order to get zero it is necessary to use simplify(evalc(Im(f(t))) and just evalc(Im(f(t)) which gives an answer that is not zero.

    I have uploaded I picture of the graph and some screenshots of the function I am using(like I said, it isn't pretty).

    I would really appreciate some input and be eternal grateful for any kind of help.

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