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Maple Maple help

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    hello, I am plotting the fresnel integral equations in maple. I was able to plot them, but I also need to tabulate various x and y values of the function between x=-8.5 and x-8.5 in 0.1 increments. Is maple able to do this? I searched for "table" in the help file with no real solution. Can someone give me a hint, or a pointer? Thanks.
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    anyone know how I might go about doing this?
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    and when I try to evaluate the fresnel equation using maple at individual values of x, for instance x=2, using FresnelC(2) it just spits out "FresnelC(2)".

    meh. Maple had no trouble plotting the Fresnel equations though.
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    use evalf(FresnelC(2)) :smile:

    For a "table," you can use the seq command

    <seq(<<evalf(i/10)>|<evalf(FresnelC(i/10))>>, i=-85..85)>;

    will output a 171x2 matrix with columns for x and FresnelC(x) (Maple will, of course, not display the whole matrix without you instructing it to do so!).
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    I ended up using the maple spreadsheet feature. :) It worked nicely.

    Thanks for your input.
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    All of these newfangled features make it hard to keep up! :tongue:
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