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Maple Maple / Mathematica

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    I am doing research in a lab with only an older windows comp, and a newer box running *nix ( I don't know what distro exactly as it was set up by argonne)

    I was wondering if there are programs like maple or mathematica for *nix that are freeware, much like openoffice is.
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    damn good CAS and its free... don't know if its in your repos but it can be found in fedora's and ubuntu's

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    thanks to both of you
    I checked the distro our box is running. Its called Scientific Linux, produced by Fermi and Argonne
    National Labs. Some people at Argonne set up the box for our project.
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    And if you have a Mathematica license on the old Windows box, you might consider transferring it to the new one... probably that would work for Maple as well.

    (Edit: Some licenses allow the product to be installed on multiple machines, as long as it is only used on one of them simultaneously. Then you wouldn't even have to uninstall it.)
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