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Maple numerical integration and eq. solving

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    How can I speed up some calculations in maple? I have a function


    I_0(A)=NInt(exp(A*c1*cos(x)*cos(y)*cos(z)), 0..2*Pi)
    I_1(A)=NInt(cos(x)*cos(y)*cos(z)*exp(A*c1*cos(x)*cos(y)*cos(z)), 0..2*Pi)

    c0 and c1 are known constants.

    I need to solve the equation f=0. for this I am using the command fsolve(f=0,A). The 1D version is quite fast, but when I am in 3D the numerical integration takes for ever. Is there any way to speed up the calculations?:cry:
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
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