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Maple Maple pdsolve problem

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    I used the following code and got the error:
    Code (Text):

    Error, (in pdsolve) invalid input: `pdsolve/numeric` expects its 2nd argument, IBCs, to be of type {list, set}, but received IBC
    the code is:
    how to amend this error?

    Btw, the second boundary condition v_x(1,t) should be approximated by the equation ##v(1,t)=1-0.000065\cdot \int_0^t \theta_3(\tau)y^4(t-\tau)d\tau## by Forward Euler method, though I am not sure how to do this in maple.

    Any tips are good for me, thanks.
    ##\theta_3## is Jacobi theta_3 function.
    I know that in maple there's this function in the software.

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