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Maple Maple question

  1. May 3, 2008 #1
    > f:=(x,y)->(x+3*y -1)*e^(-(x^2)-(y^2));
    > plot3d(f(x,y),x=-3..3,y=-3..3);

    I'm supposed to plot for -3 less than or equal to x,y less than or equal to 3... Does that mean x=y at a given point? Anyway, I rewrote it as above and Maple does not show an error but rather shows just a blank space where the graph is supposed to be. Any suggestions?
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    Your input isn't formatted properly from what I can see. I assume by the e^ you want to use the exponential function right? Maple will evaluate 'e' as an undefined constant. If you want to use the exponential function, you must use exp(),

    i.e. exp(-x^2-y^2)

    see if that helps
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