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Maple vs. Mathematica

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    I have a simply question...Which program is better and why? Maple or Mathematica?
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    D H

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    Maple, because that is the only one of the two to which I have access.
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    I prefer mathematica. To me, it seems rather powerful and simple once you get used to the annoying commands.
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    I decided on male a while back because it had a more intuitive/ mathematical interface, and didn't make you use commands for 99% of its functions. however I have never used or seen a copy of mathematica so I could be wrong.
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    I have only used maple, and it takes some getting used to but is definitely a very powerful program, we used it quite a lot in my calc 3 class as far as graphing in 3 dimensions, and doing multiple Integration and/or flux-divergence work
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