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B Marbles in decoherence

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    Can a marble ball be considered as a subsystem of an entangled system where it is entangled with the environment? Or is "subsystem" in entanglement/docoherence only reserved for small quantum thing like electrons or photons?
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    I have learnt that the answer is the marble ball is composed of zillions of atoms and they have separate entanglement with one another and the environment. And the randomness is like that of Brownian motion so we can move the marble ball in one average position. But I have a question.. and a harder one so it's more challenging for you.

    You can control Brownian motion by pressure or volume of the container. In the marble ball.. supposed you can influence the entanglement of each atoms and unrandomize the random entanglement to give positions.. can you make the marble ball vanish and teleport macroscopically?
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    You are asking what the laws of physics say would happen in a situation in which the laws of physics don't apply. There's no sensible answer to that question, so this thread is closed.
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