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March Meeting, Denver, CO

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    There's only a month to go before the 2007 APS March Meeting begins.


    For those not familiar with the March Meeting, this is possibly the biggest annual physics conference in the US, and this year, will be hosting about 7000 attendees who will give short talks, man posters sessions or give invited talks. The fields of study that are relevant to this meeting include most areas related to Hard Condensed Matter Physics (solid state, chemical and biological physics, and materials science). It's a HUGE convention that brings together college and grad students with professors and government/industry researchers from all around the world.


    The thing that will suck the most will likely be the weather. Denver in march - yuck! But then, there are some crazies who love the cold weather. :rolleyes:

    Is anyone else going?
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    Thanks Gokul. I let my APS membership lapse, but I shouldn't have. One of my best friends is in Denver (a pediatrician specialist now). Maybe it's time to say hi!
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    The weather in Denver was perfect: 40s and 50s most of the time! And no, I didn't see anyone out there wearing a PF T-shirt :(
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    You should have done a blog on the March Meeting, Gokul. That would have been fun to read. I'm reading the one done on http://physicsweb.org/blog/".

    BTW, was there any celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Woodstock of Physics? Did you go to it?

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    When did PF get shirts? Where can I get them?
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