Marcus has passed on

This is really sad, he seemed like a really helpful and nice person. Maybe in the next universe, we will find him...
This news truly shocks me. Although I didn't really engage in much discussion with him, he seemed well informed on a variety of physics topics and recent pre-print's and their popularity. He was also the person who guided me in the direction of a book that was in Italian, and soon to be published in English. That book will serve me a reminder of marcus. May he rest in peace.
A few days ago the book translated to English arrived. I immediately thought of marcus.



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Marcus will be greatly missed.
"will be"?

It tore a part of my heart out, when I heard the news.

Once, he put out his hand, and invited people along, on a long boring journey.
I was bit late, but once I grabbed onto his hand, it was a wild ride, that I will never forget.

And that, is how I define friendship: People, going on wonderful adventures, together.


This was really sad news.

I have not been very frequent here the last few years due to beeing too busy, which is why i just discovered this today..

I remember well my first communication with Marcus, it was on another forum where he was the first to welcomed me more than 9 years ago. In despite that i event didn't konw his name irl, and that he used different aliases here and there, he was clearly distinguishable by his mere style of posting, no further labels was necessary. He was really friendly, helpful and constructive.

Ah, poor Marcus. I understand how you feel @Fra


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RIP marcus. Much missed. His many contributions will continue to enlighten.

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