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Mark Srednicki's QFT Textbook

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    There is also an errata list, so it is a quite useful resource :-)

    Best of all, it is a leagal downloading of the preprint from the authors homepage.
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    Hey in the last 2 weeks his website has become non existant. Is there any one who could send me a copy of the preprint version and errata? He seems to have dissappeared
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    I sent you a PM. I don't anything happened specifically to him or his web site. The site says something about a hardware failure.
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    would you mind pm'ing me as well?
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    @ Frederik: PM me too!
  8. Aug 9, 2010 #7
    It's back!

    I thought maybe the publishers got mad at him for offering a preprint so maybe the website went down due to the police or something.
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