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Markham kid really confused

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    Hello all, allow me to introduce myself. I am a Grade 11 student from Markham, Ontario. I'm very interested in science and enjoy physics a lot. My average is about 86 - 87 %. I have several questions that have been bothering me. I hope anyone with experience on these issues can shed some light for me.

    1. I'm thinking of picking mechanical, electrical, or mechatronics as my field in university. I'm leaning towards mechatronics as you can learn from both electrical and mechanical. Which one should I pick if my grades and job availability were taken into account?

    2. How is the job market for each of the fields mentioned above? Will it be hard for me to land a job after I graduate?

    3. Between The University of Waterloo and The University of Toronto, which would be a better choice for me and why. Feel free to mention other Universities that would be a wiser choice provided that they are in Ontario.

    4. With my grades, what are the odds of me being accepted on a 1 - 10 scale? 10 being guaranteed acceptance.

    5. I heard Electrical engineering is really difficult and many people drop out; is this true?

    Thank you all in advance for your input. As you can tell, I am quite confused on what I want to do in the future.
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    I am from markham and I am a 2nd year student at Waterloo =). Well anyways, I would say in scale of 0-10, your chances are 0 because University cares only about grade 12 marks. It doesn't matter how well you did in gr 11. I would say the best engineering school in Canada is UofT of Waterloo. The job market for any of those fields are pretty decent so just choose whatever you think you will enjoy studying and stop worrying. If you are so worried about failing etc... dont bother applying to be in engineering as it is easiest to drop out.
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    Hey thank you for your reply. Is there an early acceptance program at Waterloo? A friend of mine, who is also from Waterloo said there was. I assume thats a typo and you mean U ofT or Waterloo.

    Can anybody else give me some tips? That'd be great.
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    there is early acceptance, but they will look at your gr 11 marks and give you a conditional offer, meaning you will need to keep your average up to what they tell you. I know for computer science at waterloo, if you have over a 90 average, they will probably give you an early offer, but for engineering i don't think they would do early acceptance unless your average is mid 90's.

    keep in mind they don't only look at your average, so you will need to have your math and science marks up with your average and not 70's in maths and having 90s in easy classes to bring your average up.

    i hope this gives you a better idea of what is to come.
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