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Marking solved homework threads SOLVED

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    The lack of an ability to mark homework threads solved when they are is a discouragement to would-be homework helpers. Sometimes I browse for problems needing help but give up after looking at a few threads only to find that they are solved and no longer in need of input.

    There are some closed threads in here discussing this and the fact that the feature disappeared in 2008. It would be good if it could be restored.

    I note that many technology internet forums strongly encourage thread starters to mark threads SOLVED when they are, in order not to waste helpers' time. StackExchange uses an analogous approach of marking a question as Answered when the OP accepts an answer..
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    We ended it because it wasn't being used. Most members just didn't take the extra few seconds to mark it solved.
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    Hi, I suppose there will always be people who don't follow guidelines for whatever reason (but perhaps more members might be more sympathetic today to using it - it is 7 years later and the internet does 'mature' over time) - I personally like to mark threads solved for my own satisfaction and organisation, in addition to andrewkirks good point about making it easier for helpers. If it doesn't cause a problem having it in and not widely used, wouldn't the few people who did use it still make it at least a little easier for helpers?
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    I guess the main issue whether it is even possible to implement this given the current forum design. I'm all for it, if it were possible.
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