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Marks and money?

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    I have come to the realisation that most students seem to keen up so much when a piece of work is going to be marked and counted towards their final grade (compared to when the work is not assessable). It draws a very close resemblance to people keening up when doing a job that they are paid to do (compared to when doing something that is not paid).

    So when you are young your goal is to get good grades. As you grow older and finish studying, you goal is to make good money. So marks and money are in some ways isomorphic.
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    hehehe... it appears that we live in a materialistic, market driven world where only "real rewards" matter. it is sad, but it is true
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    and thank god for that, if there was no reward i bet 99% of the people who go on to higher education wouldn't give a crap.
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    But it (is the only thing that) works so if the system allow it than it is surely a good thing. Things can be a lot worse. Everything has its positive and negatives .
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    it is sad because that means compassion always comes last
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    compassion doesn't mix with business. philanthropy or 'good deeds' can only happen after you eat.
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    People who think they'll surely be able to earn "good money" if they have good grades are pretty naive. Of course, good grades speak for themselves, but it's really only your agility/ingenuity which matters, and it is not a necessary condition for having good grades.

    I agree, up to a point, but in general, it's not so tragic as it looks.
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