Marlboro cigarettes is sponsoring a contest with a million dollar priz

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In summary: Casa Grande, 4. is a duel between a painter and the west, 5. is a ski run in california, 6. is a chasm in montana, 7. is a high altitude desert in the west, 8. is the Hollywood sign, 9. is a highway in texas, 10. is a gondola in california, and 15 is a winter resort in colorado.
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Marlboro cigarettes is sponsoring a contest with a million dollar prize. There are 100 "clues." Which ever team answers the most questions correctly wins the prize. All answers have something to do with the "West". I'll put the clues up here and the first person to answer a question correctly gets 1% of the million dollars IF WE WIN. If you ask yourself what's in it for me, I get first shot at the clues, so I've already answered about 20 questions. I'll tell you which ones I already know. But you can go ahead and answer them if you'd like.
Here are the first 15 clues. (I already know the answers to 1,3 and 4, so I'm claiming those prizes).

1.I crossed through a desert past Casa Grande.
And saw things you'll only find down that way.
There was an old man that had nothing to say.
And a tall organ pipe that nobody could play.
And mountains of garlic that stood plain as day.
But my memory's bad, so Ican't quite convey
The name of that desert, try as I may.
But maybe you'll learn it, and I hope you do.
'Cause you'll need its name to answer this clue.

2. Don't let the name fool you-the Rockies ain't the stones
you'd have to get over at this Cow Country clash. What is it?

3. Skies, flowers and skulls collided with easels, paints and canvases
when a visiting painter was inspired by the splendor of this town's landscape.

4. It is said that in this establishment a handshake and 25,000 bucks
turned a group of wild "horses" loose on a field.

5. We've heard of a home where the buffalo roam, and the deer and the antelope play.
But seldom is heard of an encouraging word from hospitable dinosaurs
suggesting where to stay. Tell us what highway is overrun by these reptiles.

6. When one New York writer claimed he could serve up the best batch, a Texas writer
was quick to challenge. They could only agree to a flavorful showdown in this
sleepy Trans-Pecos town and the rest was history.

7. This lofty stretch of pavement is the highest in the West and took a decade to finish. Take the high road to this answer and tell us its name.

8. On a high desert plain, a park's vegetation inspired the name of one of the most popular albums ever.Tell us the name of the hard rock head that sits empty among it all.

9. These 3.2 million pounds of a accommodations bolted three blocks south of the mission Texans remember.

10. With around fifteen hundred vertical feet of giant moguls, there's a California challenge way up in the sky that will make you feel like you're riding on gunpowder. Give us the name of this ski run.

11. The base of the mountain in this Montana area may look like a spring yard sale after all the "jumpers" jump.

12.A roughly 5-mile run at the bottom of a chasm gets it roughly one mile closer to standing still. About how high up would you have to meander to catch the sunrise?

13. Over 40 years ago, a record was set that still stands today. It involved a pressurized suit and 330 pounds of equipment, and began with an outdoor temperature at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. The sky above was black, and below the sky was blue. After a checklist of about 46 items, the descent began, hitting 614 miles per hour on the way down to the desert in what Western state?

14. It's been a Lonely ride for about 150 years from Pony to pavement to present day, and this highway won't let you forget it.

15. These winter digs are one Block away from a gondola, and they redefine the term "room and board."
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Confused. What's the difference between a "clue" and a "question"?

#5 Wouldn't be about the famous Route 66 dinosaurs, would it?
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nothing, sorry.
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Have you seen this?
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lol, did you look closer at those answers? but no I hadn't seen it. I don't think I'm going to go through with this anyway. I did find a lot of other people doing the same thing. and typing 100 questions doesn't seem like it's worth a million dollars. I'm lazy.
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tribdog is back!? :biggrin:
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that's what I heard, but I don't buy it.
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2. is rocky mountain oysters

Related to Marlboro cigarettes is sponsoring a contest with a million dollar priz

1. What is the purpose of the contest sponsored by Marlboro cigarettes?

The purpose of the contest is to promote and advertise Marlboro cigarettes, as well as to attract customers and increase brand loyalty by offering a large prize.

2. How can I enter the contest?

To enter the contest, you must first purchase a qualifying pack of Marlboro cigarettes. Then, visit the contest website and follow the instructions to register and submit your entry.

3. What is the million dollar prize for the contest?

The million dollar prize is a cash reward of one million dollars that will be given to the winner of the contest. This prize can be in the form of a lump sum or installment payments, depending on the rules of the contest.

4. Are there any restrictions for entering the contest?

Yes, there may be restrictions for entering the contest depending on the laws and regulations of your country or state. Additionally, you may need to be of legal age to purchase cigarettes in order to participate in the contest.

5. When will the winner of the contest be announced?

The exact date for announcing the winner may vary, but typically it will be announced shortly after the contest end date. The winner will be notified through the contact information provided during registration.

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