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Mars Exploration Bio-Suit

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    Hey everyone,

    I came across a really cool article in a magazine about a new space-suit that researchers at MIT are developing. Check it out http://mvl.mit.edu/EVA/biosuit/index.html [Broken]. The magazine article looked more impressive, but you should be able to get an idea of what it's about at this site.

    The suit is going to be pretty close fitting unlike the current bulky space suits.
    It's going to have "muscle wires" which will basically provide more strength to the astronaut. The wires will contract and recoil with the muscle. It's going to have sensors to monitor all of the life systems of the astronaut, and display the status of say, oxygen level etc... on a screen in the helmet. The gloves are going to have sensors so that by holding, say, a rock in the glove in one hand, the suit will take measurements and recordings of the sample while the astronaut can type data or commands into a sleave keyboard/control panel. They will also be able to access onboard computers to communicate with rovers or other members of the team.

    One of the coolest features is that the joints will have special adjustable dials on the joints of the suit, so that the joints could be made stiffer or looser. This would provide a workout while just walking around the spaceship (which is needed on a 6 month mission in low gravity) or, in say the case of a bone breakage, the joints could be tightened so that they are imobile.

    These are just some of the features, hopefully you guys think it's as cool as I do.

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    Thanks for the link, rocketboy. That's a really interesting bit of technology.
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