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Mars Gravity Biosatellite programme

  1. Feb 8, 2004 #1

    In the wake of plans by President George W Bush to put a man on Mars, and a rival European effort, a £13 million project to launch 15 "mouse-tronauts" has been announced that will provide a stepping stone for the ambitious manned missions.

    Astronauts living on space stations have encountered serious health problems such as bone loss and muscle wasting due to their weightless environment.

    "The only data that we have for partial gravity comes from the Apollo astronauts who spent a couple of days on the surface of the moon."

    President Bush has announced plans to return man to the Moon by 2020 in preparation for manned Mars missions.
    'Mouse-tronauts' to pave way for men on Mars
    By Roger Highfield, Science Editor
    (Filed: 07/02/2004)


    i'm waiting
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    Why rodents?

    Why send rodents? Why don't we get conclusive tests from good ol' homo sapiens sapiens, who can tell us how they feel verbally, and also wear monitoring equipment without biting the wires off?

    Budget problems also arise. Although twelve million quid is a nice sum of money, it is still not enough for a "moused" mission to our moon. Remember, the Apollo missions cost billions of dollars/pounds.
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    bone problems---let 'em cheese

    US back to the Moon 2020
    you know the story
    the real campaign is war.....

    you'll need to start working on your
    own 'personel tele-portation' devise
    if you really want to get to Mars

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