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Mars highly visible to Earth?

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    I just heard recently that in the near future mars is going to be highly visible to Earth. What is the details of this? Why is this so and what dates, time and position in the sky can I view this?
    thanks RAD
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    In 2006,

    Stardate is sponsored by the McDonald Observatory.
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    So the short answer is that Mars won't be near its brightest for another year and a half, having about a 2.5 year cycle of brightness and having been at its brightest last fall.

    At its brightest, Mars is brighter than any star, but for the next year it won't be any brighter than a medium-bright star.
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    Thank you for your very informed reply. You know a lot about the current night time sky and I thank you for taking the time to reply so informatively.
    I heard the rumor about mars from word of mouth but I didn't hear that it would be as big as the full moon. Had I heard that I would have dismissed it as bunk.
    I did get to view Mars in 2003 and I remember it was the closest it would be in many years. Today I found out on the local news that three morning stars would be aligned by the crescent moon. I am going to copy and paste your reply and send it to the local TV station here in Chicago that sometimes annouces atronomy events during the weather broadcast
    Once again thanks for your detailed reply
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    For Mars, or any other planet look at:
    http://www.heavens-above.com/planetsummary.asp?Session=kebgccdopcnooegbdkdcjjne [Broken]

    Mars' next opposition is December 24, 2007. From Earth on out, all the planets are brightest, and nearest, at opposition.
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    Three morning planets...

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    Cool screenshot..:approve:
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    In the newspapers planets are often referred to as "morning stats" and "evening stars" though you are right they are indeed planets
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    But how accurate is the calcultaions that the next closest encounter of mars and earth would be on year 2287?...can you show me the actual calcultaion? formulas? equations?....just curious...thanks a lot friends...

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    um....go to school, you know how long it takes to learn the math involved ??

    just get with your Trig and calculus and such. AND if you dont have time for THAT !!!

    download and run celestia for FREE !!!! and you can speed up slow down, reverse, pause, orbital patterns all you want and see for yourself.
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    Did you notice that the post Dejaeviz was responding to was almost three years old?
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    Erm no .....:blushing:
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    I guess your not familiar with all time exists at the same time ? inter-dimensionally speaking, i just responded before i responded before he responded.
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