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Marsrovers missions

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    I am still amazed - everyday - about the Rovers on Mars. It's a fantastic achievement of US scientists and manufacturers, and NASA. The whole is done very professional and I like also the coverage through Internet. We can see everyday what's happening with Spirit and Opportunity. http://marsrovers.jpl.nasa.gov/home/index.html

    Now the Marsrover Opportunity is almost at the rim of a large crater called Endurance (diameter: 200 meter). The crater is also deep so we will be able to see not just some surface geology.
    The images will be beautiful, I am sure.
    Some distance photo's show already several thick geologic layers. I think you should take a look.
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    More info here:

    The World's No.1 Science & Technology News Service

    Mars rovers heading for new horizons

    14:42 29 April 04

    NewScientist.com news service

    "NASA's Mars rover Opportunity has completed its primary 90-day mission and achieved all of its original goals. Now, along with its twin Spirit, which did the same on 5 April, the pair are rapidly closing in on what could be their most interesting and significant targets.

    Opportunity passed the 90-day mark on Monday and is now just a few days from the rim of the 130-metre wide crater dubbed Endurance. Recent high-resolution imagery taken from orbit indicates that the rover should see much deeper exposures of bedrock than it has found so far.

    Spirit, on the other side of Mars, has traversed about 1.2 kilometres since its landing and is still 1.8 km from the stratified Columbia Hills."

    I'm crossing the fingers expecting that these two little adventurers can find life in Mars. This surely will be a revolution in the thought of many people, I'm sure that the world would change completely
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