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Marterial Science (Chemistry Related) Problem

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    Material Science (Chemistry Related) Problem

    I am having a hard time starting my solution to the following problem:

    So far I have been looking throughout the text book at some sample problems but the sample problems are not asking for a similar solution to this question. I have also referred to my lecture notes and have not gotten any where for quite some time. Mentally I thought that I could find the volume of the silicon oxide but I was incorrect in my mental calculations. Please help me get started.
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    From the density and thickness, you can get the mass in a square millimeter of oxide. From there, you can get the number of Si and O atoms by knowing how much these atoms weigh.

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    Thanks I did arrive at a solution of 2.21x[tex]10^{15}[/tex] atoms of SI and 4.41x[tex]10^{15}[/tex] atoms of O.
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    But What formula did you use? I did not get the same answers
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    yes, some clarification to this post is needed. what steps do u take to get those answers?
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