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Martial Arts

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    In order to keep the X-Games fall thread on track, I decided to make this thread.

    I'm a judoka and am considering also picking up Muay Thai. Judo is so fun. Randori (bassically sparring) is quite a rush. One moment you're standing just fine, and the next you may be flying through the air being thrown. However, performing a nice throw is one of the best feelings in the world.

    Here's a random judo video set to foo fighters :approve:

    I like to see videos of people training though... It's just awesome watching a lot of these martial arts videos just because I can relate to a lot of it.

    Just use this thread to post anything about martial arts.
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    Thanks for saving my blushes and creating this thread :smile:

    Of course as I said it has to be otherwise, the two people sparring would have to injure or kill each other in Nihon Tai-jitsu, thus you cannot do it as a sport or as sparring it must be a demonstration, because it is lethal or it will hospitalise you if you actually intend to carry the moves through. You will not see it in extreme fighting only in demonstration. I personally wouldn't want to see the damage they could do, the video is enough to show that they could if they wanted. But it is an art of defence evolved from a need to kill or incapacitate with the minimum effort.

    I love the Foo Fighters :smile:. I love watching Judo at the Olympics(the only time I see it) I'm sure I don't understand half of the skill there but it is like poetry in motion. The speed and power with which they move shows they are the best, just being able to move so quickly by instinct or otherwise shows their training. Impressive.
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    It's amazing when you do something by instinct, and realize that it was the best thing you possibly could have done. For example, if someone tries a certain throw, you a lot of times will counter it without thinking. Then you think 'where did that come from!?!?'.

    Another thing that impresses me is how unmoveable my sensei are. Their balance is unbelievable as well.

    SD, do you practise any martial arts or are you only interested in them?
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    How long have you been doing this, Moose? Do you have "belts" in judo like in karate?
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    I've done Aikido, Judo and Jujitsu, and they all have subtle differences in how they roll. Aikido's more controlled, and forward rolls are lead with your palm. It's my favorite. Judo's more about breaking your arm so you don't break your ribs. :biggrin:
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    I visited a Muay Thai training recently, and I felt like a complete idiot. No martial arts for me. :tongue:
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    I've only done judo for 2 months and 2 weeks. I try to practise everyday (anything form practising form, doing research, to having randori sessions) outside of the dojo. Judo class only meets twice a week, two hours each. I usually come in 30 minutes early and I learn a lot then too. Two and a half months doesn't seem like a long amount of time, but I can't imagine life without judo.

    Yes we have a belt system. The senior ranks go like this:
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    I used to do Karate for a while but had to give up. I am considering starting something like it again for the exercise, because I really enjoyed it.

    I think the most impressive thing I saw was when they wheeled out the resident prodigy, he was only a brown belt but it was clear he was a natural, when he did a Kata everyone was just like woahh! :bugeye:

    Bruce Lee beating Chuck Norris? Nah I must have imagined it?
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    Haha. Well, in all honesty I don't think anyone could beat Bruce Lee with anything short of firearms. The man's a god.
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    Another thing. I noticed that a lot of people who are into some specific martial art, love to talk about it. It's so damn boring.
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    I agree judo is the best
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    Darn! Where's all the rough stuff? Isn't this thread about Marital Arts? Why all this concentration on guys beating on each other? When do the wives with rolling pins and broom-sticks show up?
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    And with pottery. :tongue:
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