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Martian Mud

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    PASADENA, Calif. -- Mars had a shallow pool of briny water on its surface long ago, NASA said Tuesday in announcing what could be the strongest evidence yet that the now-dry Red Planet once was hospitable to life.

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    Good stuff.

    Are people cranking up any of the values that go into Drake's equation as a result of the finding that there was an era of standing water on Mars?
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    Maybe, but AFAIK, most of those who work in this field (astro-biologists?) were convinced many years ago that there was standing/flowing water on Mars way back when. Many will be not at all surprised if fossils of simple organisms - "bacteria" - are found. Of course, in a formal sense, you can't put in higher numbers until such fossils have been found ...

    Now, if eukaryote-like fossils are found .... or (better) living bacteria
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