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Martin Scorse Presents the Blues on PBS

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    Did anybody here buy the DVD set? I recorded it live off broadcast TV years back, and the VHS tapes are less than satisfactory. If you bought the DVDs and have lost interest, please drop me a PM. I might be interested in buying them from you. I have hosted blues jams, taught blues phrasings/licks to neophytes whenever I could, and generally worked in the trenches, and I would like to pick up the DVD set just to have it in higher quality (and more ready accessibility) than I got from my VCR. I have tried to mentor kids (and I have never charged for lessons) who want to learn blues/roots music, and the VHS format is working against me. I can play for them, but though the kids are excited about what they hear, I need to be able to quickly cue up clips to show them where MY influences came from.
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