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Marx Generators

  1. Sep 28, 2007 #1
    I have built a number of Marx generators ranging for 30KV to 4MV I have achieved good rise time but I was wondering if anyone else here had experience with them and could help me with decreasing the duration. I mainly need just building tips and such.

    My current one I am building will be in a sealed unit. With an outer can of aluminum and a discharge electrode coaxially located at the end. The capacitors will be stacked in the center space, with the spark gaps located along the center of the capacitors. I have tried to eliminate as much inductance as I can think of. The caps are PE based. Initially charged to 25KV with 30 stages it should achieve 750KV and will be fired with UV radiation. I need as short of a discharge as possible. The stored energy would be about 10J.

    I know my descriptions are obscure and I will add pictures and diagrams soon.

    Any help would be good. Thank you.
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