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News Masons Among Us

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    Ivan Seeking

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    http://msnbc.msn.com/id/4500571/ [Broken]
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    Please. The Freemasons are just a scapegoat organisation designed to draw attention away from the real puppetmasters: The Grange.
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    Oh please...I know that you know...even if they don't know...that The Grange is just a cover-up organisation for the really real puppetmasters...the Girl Scouts of America!
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    Actually, Douglas had it right; it's the mice (or was it the dolphins?).
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    Joseph Smith said his ideas for starting the L.D.S. Church (Mormons) came straight from a revelation of God, but there are historians who claim that he borrowed a lot of the symbology from the Masons.
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    Freemasons Sponsor Road

    A road in Canberra (running along Telopea Park) is actually SPONSORED by the Freemasons, and states this quite clearly in writing on the sign. Sponsorship of Roads in Canberra, Australia helps keep them maintained.
    I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it, but it doesn’t seem to have caused much of a stir here…
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    I used to skateboard around a Masonic temple. All the members seemed to be 55+ men who drove oldsmobiles and buicks. Scary stuff.
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    Many Mormon ceremonies are strangely close to ones used by the Free Masons.
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    Your absolutely right Janus.

    Robert Zaleski
    Knights of Columbus
    Fifth Column Brigade
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