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Mass absorption coeficient

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    How do I calculate the mass absorption coeficient ao lead given the linear absorption coeficient and the density of lead.Which formula do I use in this case??.
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    The atomic cross section is often measured in cm-squared per atom, the linear absorption coefficient is in inverse cm per 1/e attenuation, and the mass attenuation coefficient is in grams per cm-squared to 1/e. In Compton scattering, there is another: Energy attenuation coefficient, because primary photons create scattered photons of lower energy and additional penetration. Also, at very high energies, photons create high energy showers comprised mainly of electron, positrons, and photons (plus pions, etc.)
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    was that an answer to OP's question?

    to OP:

    you want to go from units 1/cm to cm^2/g, any suggestions?
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