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Mass between two springs

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    Hello! My second time here, and this forum has really been helpful.

    I got a question:

    How could i do an experiment to study the SHM of a mass between two springs? I've tried doing it, but the mass can't complete one cycle, and friction is always a problem. Is there a way to reduce it?

    Also, how can i make a trolley/mass be between two springs?

    Thank you very much.
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    You can attach one end of each spring to the mass and fix the other ends on some support. If you want to reduce friction you could mount he spring and mass vertically.
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    Hey, thanks for repplying!

    Well i've tried to mount it vertically.. but it doesn't work. Or maybe i'm doing it wrong. Gravity makes the mass go down, but not up.
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    The vertical system could be as follows:

    Two springs, relaxed length 30cm.
    A mass with hook top and bottom - say 1kg, total length hook to hook 10 cm.

    Attach one spring to a high point, perhaps 1m from the ground.
    Hook the mass to the spring.
    Hook the second spring to the bottom hook on the mass.
    Attach the bottom spring to a point on the ground.

    In this way, both springs are partially extended.

    Once the system is stable, raise the mass slightly and release.

    EDIT: alternately, in your original set-up, replace the mass with a dynamics trolley or roller skate.
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