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Mass defect of hydrogen-2 from electon binding energy of electron in ground state

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    The problem statement, all variables and given/known data:

    the binding energy for the electron in the ground state of hydrogen-2 is 13.6ev
    what is the corresponding mass defect of the hydrogen atom in amu (atomic mass units)
    not sure if you need atmoic mass of the hysgrogen atom its given to be 2.014102u

    Relevant equations:

    not really sure but i know that nuclear binding energy=Mass defect x c^2
    so BE/c^2=Mass deffect


    The attempt at a solution:
    Havent really got a clue how to start i thought you would just use the above formula but i feel i am wrong :s

    1 amu = 931.46 MeV/c2 = 0.93146 GeV/c2
    1 MeV/c2 = 1.074 × 10–3 amu
    Thus 13.6 eV = 13.6 x 10^-6 MeV
    =>13.6 eV = 13.6 x 10^-6 x 1.074 x 10^-3 x (3 x 10^8)^2 amu
    =>13.6 eV = 1.32 x 10^9 amu

    but i feel this is very wrong
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    im desperate can anyone help....point me in the right direction ????
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